Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA)



The NanoChemistry and NanoSafety Laboratory (CEA - LCSN, director: F. Tardif) is a 35 people laboratory being part of the Department of Technological Research of the CEA (Alternative and Atomic Energies Agency). The 2 specialities are the synthesis of nanoparticles by wet processing for many different applications such as anti counterfeiting, marked nanoparticles for biology, photo voltaic, anti UV, lightening, etc. and the exposure reduction to nanoparticles so called Nanosafety.
The CEA - LCSN team develops for toxicological studies engineered nanoparticles with adjustable surface properties and presenting an optical detection function of radioactive core (nanotracers), develops experimental devices for nanoparticle detection, and performs transport experiments and modelling for environmental applications. LCSN performs characterisation of individual protection equipments and filters for both aerosols and hydrosols.
The LCSN is organizing every 2 years the NanoSafe conferences; manage a didactical web site on nano risk: and supports actively the EC Nanosafety Cluster.