Mostostal Warszawa S.A. (MOSTOSTAL)

Mostostal Warszawa S.A. is one of the largest construction companies in Poland with a 60-year history rich in traditions. Although its name is linked inseparably to the rebuilding of Warsaw bridges, the company is presently active in all sectors of the construction market in Poland and Europe. During last 15 years as a consequence of Polish economy transformation and the company commercialization its range of activities has been significantly broadened. Mostostal activities extend to all areas and specialization fields in construction sector, both in project engineering and in works execution. In the civil engineering working area, Mostostal has built roads, was present in urban development, airports, harbours, beach regeneration, execution of dams, water piping, tunnels, gas pipes, water purifiers, metropolitan railways and railroads. Regarding to the building sub sector, Mostostal has executed works like for example: industrial, services, societal utility and real estate buildings.
Moreover through R&D Department Mostostal Warszawa actively participates in various international initiatives connected with Research & Technological Development. Its presence in multinational R&D projects has been visible during last years.
As an example can be given project under acronym COOL-Coverings: “Development of a novel and cost-effective range of nanotech improved coatings to substantially improve NIR (Near Infrared Reflective) properties of the building envelope” or project called: Trans-IND “New Industrialised Construction Process for transport infrastructures based on polymer composite components”. These are just examples showing company’s high interest in developing solutions for construction industry. In 7th Framework Programme, Mostostal is coordinating two large-scale integrated projects Trans-IND and FC District and one STREP project TIBUCON.