Rossal (ROSSAL)



Rossal SRL is regional leader in NE Romania as regards Solid Waste Management & Landfill Operations. The activity includes waste collecting, transport, sorting, recycling and/or landfilling with own fleet of vehicles, specialized trucks, machines and related equipment. Rossal administrates and exploits 2 large landfills in the region (of which one is ecological, according to EC standards). Rossal operates also city cleaning operations, for 1 large city with over 20 surrounding villages (for about 500,000 inhabitants).
Rossal assure primary technical operations for solid waste management in 2 locations, including for metal, plastic and building waste. Unlike traditional "Total Waste Management" companies, Rossal company has no incentive to send all waste to landfill. Our recycling and waste management solutions help our clients to identify and segregate at source the recyclates present in their waste streams. This helps them to maximise their diversion from landfill and minimise the costs of disposal thereby helping the environment and potentially saving the money. For waste plastics, the company has its own 2,000 m2 Materials Recycling Facility equipped with a weighbridge, sorting lines, balers, industrial shredders, granulators
etc. The end products are flakes and pellets for further industrial processing.
Rossal position in the centre of the Romanian NE region permits an efficient implementation of the proposed project results at regional and national level.