TecnologĂ­a Navarra de Nanoproductos S. L. (TECNAN)

Tecnología Navarra de Nanoproductos S. L. (Tecnan S. L.) was created in December 2007, and offers its technology in close symbiosis to the regional business network, but with a resolute projection to the European and worldwide markets. Tecnan S. L., supported by highly skilled scientists, has access to state-of-the-art facilities for the production of different kinds of nanoparticles in relatively large amounts and characterised by their high purity. Using both wet and dry technologies, Tecnan S.L. is capable to synthesize nanoparticles in the range of the tens to the hundreds of kilograms (mainly ceramic oxides, up to date). The synthetic protocols used by Tecnan S. L., due to their flexibility, allow the preparation of a wide spectrum of nanoparticle materials, which can be employed as catalysts for the automobile industry and the energetic sector, sensors for gases and atmospheric pollutants, photocatalysts, materials for lighting devices, and many other uses. Two main groups of nanoparticles are available, such as : (1) Nnano-oxides: e.g., nano-TiO2 and nano-CeO2 and , (2) Ccomplex mixed nanoparticles: e.g complex mixed nanoparticles useful as catalyst in many chemical processes. Apart from the synthesis of a wide diversity of oxides, both simple and complex, TECNAN has a wide experience in the field of surface treatment for nanoclays in order to improve their properties.
TECNAN optimises mainly three parameters, namely exfoliation of the nanoclay, size reduction of the platelets and impregnation with tailor made coupling agents.